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One of the sayings of our holy Prophet(PBUH) lays down that “It is the time duty of every Muslim male & female to acquire knowledge and learning”. But in spite of this command it took the management a long time to open a separate school for girls as the management never encouraged the idea of co-education.
In the beginning a building owned by the management in Phatakpura locality was slightly altered to accommodate Middle school section of the girls. Looking at the overwhelming response from the girls, The management was forced to search for another site for the construction of girl’s school building so in 1969 a piece of land measuring ‘9 Gunthas’ was selected adjacent to Muslim dominated localities and was purchased in Rs. 7,938/- School building was constructed on this land in the year 1976. Rs. 1,09,771/- ware spent on this contraction and thus in 1977 the Girl’s High school become a reality in true sense. Moreover in 1984-85 and 1988, five rooms were constructed in this building.