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D.T.Ed Colleges have their own importance and position in the filed of education. But unfortunately this college has become a source of earning money. As a result lot of D.T.Ed college have come-up in the recent past where even below average  students are given admission and deserving student are sidelined. Govt. aided D.T.Ed colleges are very few in number and therefore there is a big flow of students in such private D.T.Ed College, resulting in degradation of education standard. To provide high quality teaching staff, President Janab Waquar-ul-Haque Khan Shahb took a step forward and resolved to set-up a D.T.Ed college. He started the efforts for this college in 2007. And his untiring efforts have finally resulted into a reality and Anjuman D.T.Ed College has been started from 2009-10 session. Beyond doubts the purpose of this is to provide quality teachers and not making money.