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Anjuman High School...


Established in the year 1923 for catering the educational needs of Muslim masses. The seedling sown and watered by Mr. Ghulam Yasin  Khan and his close associates with two standards V & VI has now proposed into a big and shady tree in from of the high school. The palatial and historical building with eye enchanting gothic beauty of the Anjuman High School proudly in the heart of the city now. It’s vast and lust green play ground adds more colors to it’s beauty. As per the education policy, government granted the permission of starting higher secondary sections in various schools in Maharashtra. Under this policy Anjuman also got the higher secondary section and thus become Anjuman higher secondary school in the year 1958. All important subjects to science and Arts faculty were taught at that time.
At present Anjuman High school have 2150 Students and its role with a staff of 50 qualified and trained teachers.